I was wondering what settings i would need such as treb bass and mid and if to use humbuckers or single coils to get a similair tone to yngwie's cause he has an amazing tone.

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Roll back the bass, add mids and add treble to your liking. 3 or 4 on bass, 7 mids, 4 or 5 treble on my amp. My amp however has lots of high when cranked.
The trick is to get a cranked Marshall, but that isn't in everyone's capacities.

Yngwie uses stack single coils, which means he uses humbuckers but they're on top of each other, they give quite a characteristic sound. Old Fender's should work well for his sound, great neck's on the old ones. And ofcourse scalloped maple fretboards.

Main effects are dod 250-od or just the Yngwie Malmsteen pedal should cover it (overdrive). The trick on his sound is his staccato picking which gives him the aggresive sound. Most people buy the Yngwie pedal and they expect to sound like Yngwie, but most of your tone is in your own playing. It's not in gear.
Furthermore some reverb or delay should do miracles, don't drown your amp in reverb they'll most of the time sound like **** when dialed in to much. It's your own choice however, see what works for you
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"Yngwie says: "That "horse sound". . . It's nothing special, just a noise... you need a lot of distortion going, then find a harmonic on a string, then whammy it down. It's not physically hard to do." About my amp settings, I have the volume all the way up, because I use Marshall heads. They don't have any master volume and gain. Sometimes I use a little Fender amp, like at home or for warmups, and that one's got a gain so you can overdrive the pre-amp on it, but you don't have to have it extremely loud. But the sound that you hear on the albums and at concerts is through Marshalls that don't have any master control--it's just one volume knob, so it has to go all the way up to 10. The treble's about 7, the middle is on 5, the bass is all the way down, and presence is on 4 or 5, depending on the head. My sound setup doesn't change when I'm playing blues style--everything stays the same. I may sound different to some people because of the way I approach playing the music. What they may imagine is a different tone is just my way of playing that style of music........"

Some Yngwie fans who may have Roland products which have amp simulation might be interested in this. Roland's digital recording products (including its new BOSS digital 8-track recorder for guitar) have COSM amp simulations, and after hours of experimentation, I finally found out how to get Yngwie's tone with the DOD 250 and COSM amp simulation. What is needed:
1. Yngwie Malmsteen Strat or other Strat equipped with HS-3's
2. DOD 250 overdrive pedal. Set the level on the DOD at 100% and the gain at around 90%.
3. COSM amp simulation
Amp Simulation settings: NS (Noise Suppression): On; Threshold: 50; Release: 35; Amp (Pre Amp): On; Amp Type: MS1959 II; Gain: High; Volume: 100; Bass: 0 [move the bass up to 30 for a Marching Out sound vs. a bass of 0 for Rising Force sound]; Middle: 100; Treble: 100; Presence: 50; Master: 100; Sp (Speaker Simulator): On; Sp Type: MS Stack 2; MicSetting: 1; MicLevel: 55; DirLevel: 0. Add a Small Hall reverb to get the sound for "Black Star." Use an Ambient Room reverb for a sound closer to the rhythm guitar of "I'll See the Light Tonight." Using these settings, I matched Yngwie's tone from his first two albums pretty close. Not exact, but I don't think I could get any closer unless I had the exact same equipment he does.

Sources are from Yngwie.org you should check it out.
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I've got HS-3's and YJM on my Strat and when I played it through my friends Marhall it sounded pretty damn close to Yngwie's tone. Allthough, you need to get that violin vibrato...
EQ suggestions have been posted, but remember to roll back the gain. Malmsteen has extremely accurate picking, so he doesn't use a lot of distortion because he doesn't need it.
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Or you could just turn your bass all the way down and your treble and your mids all the way up.

That gets the "toy sound" like Randy Rhoads on "Crazy Train."
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