Its been a while since i've posted a song on here, mainly because all of my songs suck. Anyhow, this punk-metal song i think is much better. Its basically a punk song with a few elements of thrash meta and with a very 'hammet-esque' solo. Not much left to say so crit away.
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I love the gallop you got going. The solo was awesome... you had your slow melodic parts and pieces where the hell gets shred out of the guitar. I esp liked the part where you used the open e as 'n peddle note. Though I would like that somwhere the rythm plays open instead off palm muting it most of the time so that it kind takes off, know what I'm saying? But that's just my oppinion. It would sound great if you maybe get some bass in and eveyone tell's me to put drums in. It's true it sounds better, but I don't know jack about drums, and I don't think powertab has drums. Anyway great heavy song. BTW what's it called? Keep writing... Thanx for commenting on my song hey.
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good effort. the whole thing seems to be based on that same riff that's not even really a good one. i suppose the rhythm is alright, but the pitches get really boring and don't have any sort of listenable quality to them. the solo was not too bad, but the backing stuff was. that chord progression just, well, is bad and it never lets up. i'd recommend some contrast. you could add a bass part if you wanted. change the progression. have some variance in progressions. you do vary the rhythms, but with that progression churning the whole time, you don't notice as much the varying. that might've been harsh. oh well. hopefully something good comes of it. nice effort.

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