What is The Most Difficult Song/Solo You Can Play

Now Be Honest LOL

Mine Whould Have To Be A Helecasters Song - But I am Yet To Find Out The Name Of It
The Turkish March.
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Nick Drake's "Day is Done". I can play it and sing at the same time up to speed.
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The intro to Building the Church by Vai, I do it on clean using my bridge pickup as I can't get the nice tone he gets on the distortion channel. I can do everything in that song except the sweep legatos he does, those are insane. Yeah, it took me a while to get that song, I'm proud of it...
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I can play the first half of Far Beyond the Sun quite well. I really should get off my ass and learn the rest of it.
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Master of Puppets ending solo.. Some days I can get it clean, perfect, no complaints. Others, sketchy.. sometimes I mess it up 5 times and quit for the day.

Maybe the final solo of Fade to Black, it seems harder because it's longer, so yeah.
Because I'm rather noobish...probably something along the lines of In Too Deep, speedwise, but technique-wise...erm...Tunnel of Love by Dire Straits I think, unless y'all consider the piss easy Nothing Else Matters solo to be harder. It's a sad but exciting life being a noob.
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I can play all the fills in Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" (I dont know if you would call the long fill toward the end a solo or not, but I can play it).
Eruption ~ VH

Yes, I know it's not that big of a deal, although it is the song that got me into playing guitar. I only spent a day learning it

I'm working on M.A.B.'s No Boundaries right now so that will be the hardest song I have learned soon enough.
I don't even think i've learned a full solo. It would probably be that litte run in Camilla Rhodes by Between The Buried And Me (9 seconds into the song) or the Fade To Black solo which I didn't even learn the whole thing..............damn, I should probably set out to learn a full song or solo.
im learning eugene's trick bag at the moment. i can pretty much play it now. i've been playing for about 2 years (i duno if thats a long time or not) but i find it very difficult
hmm i can play Overture 1928 by Dream Theater, it might not be the hardest, though. I can play Eruption, but its hard to get it sound like VH, because he uses a few effects in that song, and i cant get my tremolo picking to roll like he can.

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For sheer speed and stuff, i don't really know, i can't play that fast. Crystal Planet by Satriani is probably as fast as it gets.

Impressive-ness wise.... probably being able to play and sing Hotel California.
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i was reading one of the other threads somewhere on here and someone said for the love of god was easy. i can play most of it but is it classed as an easy song?
system of a downs byob is mabye not the hardest thing i can do, but its up there
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Jeff Loomis's solo on This Godless Endeavor :P

But seriously, probably Fade to Black, I can play the whole song.
As I Am- Dream theater. The glass prison sweeps tend to be quite sketchy. I have quite a bit of trouble on the last fade to black solo too. I given up trying to learn the solo in In the Name of God.
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Um for me it would Be the Ending solos to Fade to black, some days are the best, some arnt
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Paradise city outro. I'm pretty much at the point i want to be - ever - speedwise. Or at least at the point where i need to be.
i made a fingerstyle acoustic version of the piano solo in the beatles "in my life" that's pretty tricky cuz i'm playing the bass notes too OH WAIT this is the electric guitar forum nobody plays with their fingers :P just kidding
I don't know really.
I do some Stanley Jordan stuff that took like 50,000 hours to tab.
Cliffs of Dover by EJ is quite fun.
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The Wonders at your feet, by Dark Tranquillity, or Eruption by VH, whichever you think is better. :P
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