This is a song I wrote called one of a kind... Its supposed to have sorta slow and mellow guitar in the background and uses the chords Am CM and GM. Theres also some fingerpicking thrown in there. It should be recorded soon and I will post the link when I put it online. Any comments on how I could improve would be greatly appreciated cuz im kinda new to this.

Im drowning in the sleepless nights I cant
Seem to get over what just happened today

The heavy burden scorches my soul
Never really thought that it could turn out this way

Because how could someone like you
Ever like someone like me

Im perplexed in my thoughts
Its emotionally trancending

Your voice poetry to my ears
A heartbeat never ending

And I wish that you were here right now
So I could share my thoughts with you

And you could share your thoughts with me
and together we could be

If you only realized just how much
your presence means to me now

And I just want to know
Is it the same way for you now

Cause if you could do it all over again
would you choose somebody else

And these questions they burn in the back of my mind
Because... Your one of a kind