If youve never played jazz youve probably never heard of it, if you play modern rock you may not have heard of it even if you are using this scale.

This is becuase people play in this scale without knowing it, it gives such a dark feeling its hard to find a better scale for modern rock.

Most modern rock bands use this scale, for example Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Funeral For A Friend, Deftones, Tool, Fightstar and there are alot more.
The creation of the scale is pretty simple you just add another note, between the 6th and the 7th for example:




C D E F G A A# B

The extra note isn't usually included in chord progressions, but used in riffs.

Yes that means that you have 4 notes a semitone apart, meaning four notes one fret after the other. So this riff would be in key


Not the best riff ever but it shows you that you get 4 notes in a row.

A Good example riff is


notice how the frets 7, 8, 9 and 10 are included but not used right after each other.

The difference between Major and Be-Bop is obvious, it gives a much darker sound, its near impossible to write a dark modern rock riff in a major key, it just comes out sounding happy and jumpy like Blink 182 etc.

Dont Believe me?

Open up Guitar Pro, open up anything by a modern rock band, then click scale-then scale finder, hey presto the only scale that comes up is the Be-Bop, its usually used in Jazz but the scale is often used in rock, alot of the time the band doesnt even know theyre playing in that scale, they just add the extra note because it sounds awesome.

When not to use it?

Obviously you wouldn't want to use this scale for pop/punk, or if you do play modern rock maybe you prefer minor scale or pentatonic riffs. Suit Yourself

*Thats the bones of the article im going to edit it more later*
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Thank you sir! I've been suching for not such a happy sound and you have shown me the way. Thanks.
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any ideas as to why this didnt get posted on the main site

You have a nice article there I like it. As to why it's not on the main site yet...it might just be too short. My suggestions would be

1) Add a couple more examples (perhaps some solos?)

2) Post what the be-bop scale would be in each key

Good luck

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