Hey guys!

Wonderi if you could take the time to listen to my recordings I've made. The recordings are not the full songs as they are too long to upload.

Thanks very much.

Listen here
Not really what I'd go for normally, but I really like this... lol!
I'm not dutch, but what would I call myself... BuckinFritish, lol!
Listening The Crossroads...

Nice clean tone. I quite like your phrasing, but add some more vibrato. The electric solo is quite sloppy to be honest. You need to work on it. The backing track is good, allthough quite monotonous. Good attempt!

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Nice, was jus gonna say "heh like david gilmour" seems most people on your myspace beat me to it like! I think some/alot of what I heard from the electric guitar/s was good too.
Listening for the third time now (first time was just to absorb the music, second and third to critique):

? Nice intro, it reminds me of Pink Floyd. I like your clean guitar tone and phrasing.
? I like the mix and tone of your first electric solo. Again, reminiscent of Pink Floyd (which is a VERY good thing)
? The second electric solo, you have good ideas here, but it is played kind of sloppily.
? The harmonization at the end is beautiful. If you could send me the entire song via PM I would appreciate it.

You definitely have potential. This is a very beautiful and emotional piece, and if you clean up the slop it will definitely make it better than it already is. There are obvious Pink Floyd/David Gilmour influences, and that is something that many bands out there today are lacking. If you step up, clean up your slop, and promote yourself, you could definitely make a career in music.

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