I'm sure you guys are sick of all these modes questions etc, but I'm going crazy trying to figure out if I'm right or not and don't want to spend time learning doing something wrong.


Going by the diagram about if I was to play a C Major scale in the open position and then wanted to play the D Dorian mode of it, would I simply just play from the 2 and work up to the 2 on the next octive to make it the Dorian mode?

obviously the notes of C Major are C D E F G A B C

and D dorian would be D E F G A B C D

So if I know all 5 positions of the Major scale then modes are pretty easy as you just start of the 2nd, 3rd note or whatever mode you want to play and play up the the same note of the next octive... is that right?
IM still a little new to theory but i think you got it
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I believe all Dorian is, is starting from the second note of the scale, so yes, that is it, but there is a position for the Dorian scale as well and by learning all 5 modes it should cover the entire fretboard with positions making soloing much funner.
Thanks for reading
You're doing better than I am, man. I don't understand a word you said. =(
You got it.

A mode, I believe, can be thought of as taking a major scale, and just starting the scale on a different note while still using the same notes.
Yes, it can.

In C Major:
C Ionian - D Dorian - E Phyrigian - F Lydian - G Mixolydian - A Aeolian - B Locrian

It just depends on where you start/where the piece resolves towards. You wouldn't use any new notes.
You just confused yourself with to much over thinking thats what took me so long with theory. When something seems impossible, relax and get back to it later. Thats what got me through learning theory.
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