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PRS guitars in general. I also like guitars with nice fretwork instead of the boring (but nevertheless, reliable) dots...
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To play: Ibanez JEM/RG
To look at: Jimmy's Les Paul
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Or maybe a Jeff Hanneman signature ESP? They're pretty hot, just too goddamn expensive.
Explorers and Les Pauls are my main bitches.

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Love PRS and Ibanez and Jackson...........and ESP, LP's, SG's mainly any guitar that plays, sounds and looks good
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I'd love the Jeff Hanneman Signature but you can't beat a Les Paul.
This baby,

I want that one so bad. Either that or I'll have a JEM if your buying.................

Edit - Actually, thats a picture of a LTD ESP. In an ideal world I'd have the real deal. To bad it ain't happening.

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gibson jackson or ibanez

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Telecaster or Strat for me.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
JEM all the way for me, although the LP is so very nice as well.

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I really dig the Jackson Soloist look, as well as the Caparison Horus.

Though, I also like my Schecter Hellraiser C1 FR with the black cherry color.
ibanez js1000. there soooo curvy
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for me its this baby
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For looks i like the jackson randy rhoads but sound i love strats.

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les pauls,sgs,explorers for looks. just kinda gibson guitars in general
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gibson les pauls are my main guitars, i do however love the gibson es-335, whenever i can afford one!
I'm a die-hard Telecaster fan. Just for looks, feel and tone, I love it. I never feel quite as "at home" playing anything else.
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This pretty sweet.... PRS Dragon all the way!

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This pretty sweet.... PRS Dragon all the way!

WoW that makes me second guess whether or not I like mine.
Les Paul Juniors for me. Regular Les Pauls are nice as well.
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^ Xenn fav MG user evar
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I'm a die-hard Telecaster fan. Just for looks, feel and tone, I love it. I never feel quite as "at home" playing anything else.

I haven't found a guitar yet that I feel really comfortable on.

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i love strats, jackson SL's, les pauls...and my favourite, es-335 or similar (such as an epi sheraton II )
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Love LPs, but I really gotta go with my SG...something about how light it is as opposed to the LP really gives it the green light for me. Though i understand alot of people like the extra weight of a les paul.
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Its really good for your guitar actually, dropping it onto cement floors makes it sound incredible.

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light picks
almost any prs and jems.
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he's right, and he plays prs so that's proof.
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