I am looking at EMGs and Seymour Duncan pickups, but I can't figure out what to go with. I play alot of Slash's stuff, but I am also a big Metallica fan. How can I get the best of both worlds? I hear that EMGs are great hi-gain pickups...but seem abit lifeless. I am concerned that the Duncan's won't have enough bite for metal like Metallica.

My Guitar:
Agile AL-3000 (Les Paul copy)

Two packages I am considering:

Seymour Duncan (don't know much about these): Alnico II pro Neck and Bridge
EMG: 81 bridge and 60 neck

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If Mustaine uses the JB for the Bridge, you shouldn't have to worry about it not having enough bite.

Besides, EMGs just give you a ton of gain and add noise, not clarity.
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If you get EMGs get an 81 in the bridge, and a 60 in the neck (Hetfield style) with the 18v upgrade, it sounds a whole lot better.

If you're looking for duncans look into livewires (Regular or Mustaine signature).
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Whats your amp? Are you dead set on Seymour's or EMG's? EMG's will only sound the best in a nice amp, are you looking for older metallica sound or newer?
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Old Metallica

Right now I am stuck with a Zoom fire 18. Not bad, but not tube. I am a tube guy...but being stuck on a military base I don't really want to carry around an expensive amp.
1999 Taylor 410 Bearclaw
2006 Agile AL-3000
2006 Schecter S-1 Blackjack
A new amp will get you closer to the '80s Metallica tone rather than new pickups.
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Roland Micro Cube

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i'd get something like an alnico II pro for th neck for slash, and something heavier, like a custom 5, for the bridge for old metallica. EDIT: if you must stick to duncans.
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Yea I would just stick with passives for old 'Tallica. That way you can get different tones easier and still nail old metallica with ease. Don't limit your options to just seymours though, check out DiMarzio, Swines and Bareknuckles, if you have the money, too.
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I have the EMG's but I have an 81/85 set, they have TONS OF LIFE! turn down the volume to like 5, yes turn it down, that is what the volume knob is there for, then you get beautiful cleans, form the 81, 85 is more bassy. I suggest the 60 for the neck, that is what I am getting soon.
EMGs. Nearly no noise, great tone , lots of bite, intense tone.

Duncans are good but I haven't seemed to find one that's good for metal. Liek that has the right voicing I'm looking for.
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