I love punk. It's my life...but I'm not trying to fool anyone, we all know people that play metal have much more talent and skill when it comes to playing their musical instruments of choice. So, naturally, I'd like to learn to play metal. I have no knowledge of theory....all I really know about theory is how to find A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and all their flats and sharps...(ie. E 1(F)--2(F#/Gb)--3(G)--4(G#/Ab), etc, etc). That's the only reason I don't just look up how to in the metal section, becaues it makes no sense to me. Honestly, if I was a metalhead, I'd jump on this, because how many punks actually want to get good at playing their guitar? Not a lot. Thanks for those whom respond to this. I might have to go somewhere in a few minutes, but if I don't respond, just check back every couple hours, I'll be back on. Thanks again.
Eh, not as many are as technically proficients as you think. They just play more notes. Some nasty shreders are usually more technical, but a lot of metal guitar is rather dissapointing, even though it is fast.
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