Hey, I am somewhat of a beginner... Got myself a BC Rich Warlock Platinum Series w/Coffin Case and a Behringer V-Tone GMX212 Combo Amp, which I've very happy with!

I'm looking to rock out with some tunes, learn some songs and just have fun playing...I can hook up a CD player to my amp to jam out with and was wondering if there is anywhere I can download like backing tracks or whatever to songs... Just the drums and everything but the guitar so that I can fill that gap in as I learn the song...

Basically what I'm looking for is for instance Black Label Society - Fire It Up... I want the song but I don't want lyrics or guitar... Anyone know where I can get anything like this so that I can burn a bunch on a CD plug it in and start rockin'?

Anyhow, thanks for the help!
www.guitarbt.com go to the downloads section and what on earth made you get a BC rich
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A platinum series B.C. Rich is not bad. Don't worry. It is the horrible Bronze series that gives them a bad name.
no, it's that terrible behringer v-tone amp that's going to assrape his tone. whatever you do, kid, don't ever face that amp with your guitar on, or you will regret it. those things feed back like... well, worse than marshall mgs.
Thanks for the site, browsing it now!

I got a Warlock because I personally like the shape and it goes with my 'guitar personaliy'. I just like the fact that it looks mean, and sounds heavy (when I'm playing it properly lol)

The whole Strat, Les Paul thing is just beyond me... So basic looking (don't get me wrong I still love them) but everyone has one, and if they don' they're trying to get one, I figured I'd stick to something that I think is awesome and not because everyone else does?
well... it would be alright if it was a good guitar to begin with, which i suppose the platinum series is. but seriously, man, don't sell yourself short on the amp like that. you could do so much better with a low-end combo from a good company like fender or crate...
I know the amp isn't the best but it fit my price range at the time and has everything I need to get plugged into the computer and record stuff once I am a little better. Has alot of options and effects. For the price (www.music123.com) I am very satisfied for now.