I've just gotten really frustrated over which amp I should buy within the next week or so,... I need opinions.

I've got $500 or less, preferably under $400.

Now, I need it to A) sound good and B) be loud enough to play in a 4 piece band.

I play pretty much all kinds of rock, but mostly stuff like Silverstein, RHCP, TBS, Funeral for a Friend, Incubus, Papa Roach(first CD, )... so I need something that is pretty versatile.

For $400-$500 should I be looking looking at the Vox AD combos, the Peavey Valveking combo, or the Marshall AVT50 combo? (I'm not interested in the Cube60)

OR is there something BETTER I can get used on ebay or from a shop?

Help me out!
i tell you something.. i recently got a peavey bandit 112 for xmas for about 600 canadien dollars. Id say you can get 1 around like it and it is a very affordable and versatile amp. It has a wide variety of tones you can obtain.

Fender FM212R with some effects maybe?? it has a great clean channel but the distortion is crap.
the Peavey Valveking is supposed to be good + it's tube.
If not that, a Roland Cube 60 or a Vox Valvetronix AD50
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and by the way the peavey 112 is very loud i have it on 1 and it can be heard clearly around the house.. so on 10 it could do some damage... also it has very good clean channel which has either vintage modern ectt.. also it has reverb selector switch and modern heavy dist and vintage sound in the lead channel
I would go and try out the Peavey Valveking 112 or 212 and see how you like it. I only played around with it for a few minutes, but it wasn't high gain enough for me. Should be good for what oyu want to play though.

Other than that, definetly check out the Vox AD series. You could grab the AD50VT and that will be very versatile. I actually chose the Vox series over the Valveking when I got my last amp. I like it better. I also have heard about quality issues on Valvekings. No personal experience, but just around here.