Alright, I have the two, "at home with aidan smith"'s, vol 1 and vol 2.

They crack me up and they sound so melodic and sweet.

Just a great lo-fi and cool sound.

I'll do an album review for it some time soon, but for now, watch this space.

This is the coolest song:

The First Eskimo in Liverpool

I'm the first Eskimo in Liverpool
And my big fur collar is my only tool
I wear it every day, just as rule
I'm the first Eskimo in Liverpool

I leave my igloo and ride my sleigh
Down to the fish hole every day
All the people who see me say
"There goes the first Eskimo in Liverpool"

I'm the first, and the last Eskimo in Liverpool

And this one:

Song For Delia Smith

Delia, I'd like to feel your hands upon my chopping board tonight
Good-looking, what have you got cooking
underneath the T.V. kitchen's electric light
You share my name
I'll share your fame
we're just the same
we both like brandy

Delia, I'd like to peel your apron off like you peel that onion skin
Delia, let's make a meal, yeah
Stay with me and we will never thin
I like your eyes
and your chicken pies
oh, realise your perfect recipe with me

jon edit: http://www.aidansmith.net/

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