Here is something I wrote in Powertab in 1 hour. It's not that great as a song at the moment in my opinion but I think with a few suggestions I could make it a lot better, so feel free to say anything you think.
ok. the first melody part has some wrong notes in it, assuming you're trying not to be dissonant. that line also has a bar with 5 beats in it. the next line has a bar with 3 beats in it. that main riff repeats for 3 times total. that's too much. then jumps into something too unrelated. too repetative. has this droning build quality to it. maybe you'd like to work more off of that and figure out a more set chordal structure. lots of notes all of a sudden. pretty dissonant. i don't know that the harmonies really sound good. a lot of the sections don't match up. hmmm, you could maybe change the 2 in the main riff to a 5 or a 0. nice effort.

you should check out these if you'd like:
The lead lines at the start kinda sound out of key and the riff is pretty boring i'm sorry to say. The 250bpm part really doesn;t fit with the rest of the song but is better thab the rest of the song. the solo of this section is quite good but the ending is weak.
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