I have no idea where to post this topic but i would really like your knowledge on this. I have been a trance dj since I was 14 and know how recording from a mixer and two turntables/cds goes(extremely simple) but I really dont know exactly what i need to record my band. I was looking at a Fostex Mr-8...it says 8 channels but i only see two microphone jacks and i have 2 guitarist, vocalist, bassist, drummer who would need like 13 channels/microphones and a keyboardist. do you need a snake box?

Thank you
You have 2 main options here. Either record each instrument seperately one at a time and add the others after, or record the whole band playing at once live. The advantage of the first method is you get complete control over everything and you can keep trying to get a perfect take if just one guy is having a bad day. If you record using the second method where everybody is recorded playing together at once, then there's a good chance that somebody might mess up and you'll have to start from scratch again. The advantage of this method is, well it sounds live and could sound more energetic because the bandmates feed off of eachother.