ok, so im out of school and bored out of my mind basically. so as a project i thought it would be fun to buy a Saga Build your own guitar kit for like 75- 100 bucks.has any one bought something like this before or know anything about it? Also this would not be my main guitar, i just think it would be fun to trick out!
here is the link to it
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The carvin one might be a better choice, but i dont know im just going on reputation, not experience.

Does anyone know if the Carvin one is any good?
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you could also go to torresengineering.com... they have some pretty nice looking kits, but i have never built one so im not sure of the quality. I think they use good pickups though, and they also have a lot of information about building and modding amps and guitars.
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Actually im currently working on a Saga Guitar kit.. Iv got the LC-10 (les paul) style.. There are many mixed reviews on guitar kits, some people have problems with them, and saga kits used to be known for problems back in the day, but they are built by a new company now, and the quality is much much better.. The body on the les paul style i got is really nice.. Good wood, and they come all preped and sanded for you, so you can just put it together if you want.. But im staining mine ( a dark red sunburst style) All the hardware that comes with it is good quality stuff (not top of the line mind you) but the same basic stuff you would find on an epiphone (there all japanese aftermarket imitation parts)

The quality of a finished kit really depends on how much love and work you put into it. Iv been working on mine for a couple of months now, getting all the stain work done, and its coming alone very nicly.. Just as a precaution i went ahead and attached the neck to the body when i first got it before doing any work just to make sure everything fit, and everything did perfectly.. And you can make the guitar even better if have some extra cash to spend on better parts.. The kit comes with everything you need (even strings) but i bought better tuner keys, (locking ones) more stylish knobs. And down the road ill replace the imitation pickups with the real Gibson 57's.. All the hardware is really easy to install too, no sodding or anything, it all the wires clip together, and they are color coded making it easy to do.

Supposidly there is no need for a setup, as the neck and tunomatic bridge come already set up (no fussing with truss rods) but after i compete the build i still plan to take it to a shop to make sure everything is set up correctly..

Iv already finished staining the guitar, and im currently waiting for it to dry for a few days before i do a light "scuff" sanding, to prep it for the laquer clear coat, in the mean time im working on cutting the headstock to the shape i want..

Iv owned two les pauls in my lifetime, one a gibson and one an ephiphone, so once i get this kit all done, ill give you a good comparison, but honestly it doesnt matter, the guitar can turn out good or bad, just depends on what you put into it.

If you wanna try it i say go for it, its not expensive (the les paul kit was $200 american) Just take your time with it, and really put some work into it to customize it and taylor it to your style and liking and you'll come out with a pretty damn cool guitar if you really want too.. Most people who say bad things about guitar kits are usually idiots who just half ass there project and wonder why there guitar turned out like crap.. Plus just working on it has been alot of fun, and in the end, ill have my own custom signature "les paul" style guitar..

You can check my myspace page as im using it as a diary of sorts as i build the guitar..

Buy one man, you'll have alot of fun with it, just take your time and do it right, building a guitar takes a Loooooooong time, and ALOT of work..
The Saga kit looks ideal for a beginner project. You won't freak out if you make a mistake because it only cost $100. However, the bridge, tuners and electronics are probably very crappy.

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The Carvin one has to be better. Carvin makes amazing gear.

Carvin does make really good stuff, but they are also really expensive..
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The Saga kit looks ideal for a beginner project. You won't freak out if you make a mistake because it only cost $100. However, the bridge, tuners and electronics are probably very crappy.

The stock tuners wherent "crappy" but they are just your basic tuners, nothing special about them, which is why i went ahead and bought some good locking tuners..

The bridge is actually very well made, i cant tell a difference from both "real" les pauls iv owned, of course les pauls dont have very complicated bridges either, pretty simple stuff, so the "imitation" version is basically the same. The pickups actually sound pretty good, pretty comparable to a ephiphone.. The bridge pickup is a bit trebley which means it sounds a little thin when playing clean, but crank up the overdrive and it really rocks good, very crunchy, good harmonics.. The neck pickup sounds much better when playing clean than the bridge pickup, but thats normal for les pauls. I still plan to replace the pickups with the real Gibson 57's, but those are $150 each, so that will be later down the road when i have a spare $300 or so dollars to spend on pickups, but the stock ones will do just fine in the mean time.