theyre not that great but for the money i guess theyre not too bad, they add alot of hiss and you might be able to get a better sound from you amp, it all depends
nope the Digitech stuff sounds digital, not good.

Get the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff...I think they are $99 but they are a step and a half up form the metal zone.
A lot of people seem to really like teh metal zone but I have had experience with the pedal and am not impressed at all very hissy and trebley even with a lot of bass. I actualley think it is one of BOSS's worse pedals. But the Metal Zone is defenitly better than the DigiTech Metal Master.
i have it, and i must say, it makes my single coil strat sound like a EMG-laden Jackson. you have a TON of control over the sound, tone, gain, everything. buy it!
lol danno dont know how to use it. To me it only sounds good for metallica lol favorite stuff that i play.....

But when i play tender surrender, it just sound right on middle riff of the middle of the neckpickup distortion time.... well many places it doesnt sound right or i just dont have the evo pickups yet.... at the end stuff it can match it. I guess metal zone is strictly only for metal like metallica or modern metal (which screamo,deathmetal except pantera sucks ass).
Just an influence.
I have a digitech death metal pedal. From what I hear, they vary in quality a lot. I definitely got a crap version of it. I wish I'd have gone for the Metal zone or the Line 6 uber metal. They have gain controls which makes a huge difference to the overall sound (death metal doesn't).

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metal zones are great

for sounding like a wasp in a tin can.
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Dare argue with me on this, I shall kick you in the testicles. Go with the Tonecore Uber Metal if your into A7X and Metallica -like distortions. I tried everything mentiones above and about 20 others for about 1 hour each, this process took me about 2 months then I found the Uber Metal, and was instantly baffled. It has absolutely amazing ability to get really heavy and total interchangeable distortions, from ZZ-top to like Slipknot, but then again I never go past the pulverize setting, Insane is just totally bassy, toneless ****. I say pay the little bit less and go with the uber metal, you will not be disappointed, and to boot its got a buolt in noise gate which is awesome too. If your smart enough to kow about mids, highs and lows and know the exact tone you want, get this, I cuts through anything.
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listen to outlaw. he knows what hes saying
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