yeah well i´m german so it´s quite hard for me to write in englishbut i think i kind a get it.... so well this is my second songtext as for me much more better than my first but yeah i think nevertheless there´re sme mistakes or something so i would please it if you could help me a little bit and say if you find it rather good or bad.

Insane killing
Believe in death and pain
A unstoppable train
Painfull and insane screams
Tortured corpses in my dreams

Misery makes you stronger
with pain you feed your live no longer
the little whisper is saying you something
the whisper says kill kill kill
it won´t stop you have to do what the whisper is saying
´cause the whisper wont stop with no bag or praying
just do what she says just kill kill kill

you bring your victims the endless fear
the fear they will have till their dead
you rp their soul apart you tear

A deadly killer
with no remorse
you love their corpses
you love their blood

The killing gives you satisfaction
it´s almost orgasmic
every time you kill the whisper is gone
you think noe its gone forever
but then it comes back like a scream


Hostage of this circle of horror
the killing never stops
slowly you decay in self-sympathetic
sympathetic of your earlyer live
the live without the killing
The killing gives you satisfaction
it´s almost orgasmic

Er that kind of creeps me out, see if you can be a little less strange because it does sound perverse, whether that is the intention or not...

Overall, it's a little direct for my tastes but I can imagine it with heavy metal riffs so good job for that genre.

Remember to stick 'an' in front of words beginning with vowels.
this song is pretty dark, good job. i like the lyrics, some vivid, deatailed words usually help to make a great song. and the length is good, i get picky about length because i love long songs. good job. crit mine?

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