Hey Guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.I just recently finished building an electric guitar and many of my friends are interested in buying it. My problem is im not sure how much I should ask for it. What would you guys charge/ pay for it. Heres the list of parts it was made with:

Warmoth SG Body Mahogany (Aged Cherry finish)
Warmoth Pro 25 1/2 Scale length L.P Guitar NecK - Mahogany
Ebony Fretboard w/ trapezoid inlays and cream binding
White corian nut
Gibson vintage nickel tuners with cream tuning keys
stainless steel frets
gibson 57 classic pickup in the neck position
gibson angus young pickup in the bridge position
2 tone and 2 volume controls(black gibson witch hat style) w/ a gibson 3 way switch
3/4 input jack
full face b/w/b sg pickgaurd
gotoh stop and tuno bridge and saddle-chrome
other misc thing like strap locks

the guitar was professionally set up and was never played but is in perfect condition. Oh also the decal on the headstock in the black crows symbol ( you know the one of the 2 crowes smoking doobies hahaha)
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How much did you pay for the parts? How much is your labor time worth to you per hour?
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i d pay prolly around 1,500 for that
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i paid roughly 1300 for everything. Im not sure about the labor. It was my first project so it took awhile for me to get everything done because i had to take my time ya know.
I would say $1,600 would be a fair price...maybe $1,500. But you at least want to recover your expenses and get a little compensation for your time.
Hi, I'm Peter
How much does your friend have?

Like Dirk said, at least $1500. Then go order more parts and make a custom guitar for yourself.
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Hells Ya. Thats what i was thinking. Three hundred bucks isnt a bad profit at all