hey this is my first whole song that i wrote, it didnt take very long so its probly rough and ill probly be adding more, but this is what i got down today.
Verse 1:
Your beautiful as hell and you know it,
You occupy the space in my mind.
Your tounge is like a silver bullet, yet
Your kiss like a taste of fine wine.

I gotta get something to eat,
Cuz Im feelin a hole inside me deep, and
I gotta try getting some sleep,
Cuz Im so sick and tired and the future looks bleak, cuz
I havnt seen you in a week, and
Youre killin me here, yea you torture me,
Yea and I gotta get back on my feet, yeah
I cant let you do this, you ruin me.

Verse 2:
You usta be a hell of a woman,
Sending tingles all up my spine.
But the girl that I once knew, yeah she left me,
In her place the biggest bitch of all time.