Babies rotting in the Outback, splitting
like papayas.
"Homie say what now?"
This parties got me bobbing for razors,
Being dunked into amino acids.

I see you baby.
Scraping scarves and scents from the cieling fan.
I see you baby.
Eating your makeup when you can't plug
that goddamn mouth.
If their was a fishtank here,
Every girl would've fallen right in it by now.
Doing whip-its.
Standing on beer-crates to neck on footballers.

I don't undertand why they would wanna look
so unappelaing in the eyes of decent guys.
I don't really know this thing called decadence.
It sneaks up like a shark in low-tide.

I see you baby.
Menstrating up my nostrils like nothin' else.
I see you baby.
Eyes glazed over with Down SynChrome,
making out obscurred 4's and same-heigth hair-do's.
You wanna play Baseball?
I see you hanging curtians up on all them windows.
This is our shame baby.
But this is your shit lck.
Poor advice.
is it just me or did that song make no sense
'never a victim,' the role model said,
bang-bang, the bad guy is dead,
always a rockstar on eMpty TV,
the lesson complete, now the child has needs.
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is it just me or did that song make no sense

It is just you...what are you retarded? It makes perfect sense.

Good work...
really descriptive, i'll give you that.
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you actually made one! i salute you, burrito.

mmm bean rice and cheese. the best.
That was awesome. The only problem is that it really did remind me of that song, but whatever. It would be great with music.
Go Captain Planet! I LOVED that show! Great piece too. A little... off-beat but still good. 7/10.
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Whoa I just had a revelation: What if god is a dog?A big white fluffy dog that drools a lot and pees on random people and humps strangers' legs?
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Wait..if someone owns a dog that does that..WTF
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Than...they own god! That's it. I'm getting a dog.
it was different anyway... i dont get where the title fits into it but i love Captain Planet... 7/10 just for mentioning him!!! yeah, i liked this peice anyway...
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I never understood why a girl would take a boner as a bad thing "Oh no, your attracted to me, you sick wanker." :\ x

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Im saying this the straightest way possible, but...

I'd have sexual intercourse with your anus.
This is actually easier to understand than many of his others (to the poster above me).

Very nice work. Very relatable.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching