Zeppelin, cause I think that was the best group of musicians and made the best music, they're not necessarily my favorite (pretty close though)
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the Beatles, no doubt about it..
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they aint my fave but, metallica. until saint anger.

iron maiden now i reckon. east ender guys and they managed such a feat. bow down. yet again they aint my favourite but you cant argue the amazingness
or maybe
Coheed and Cambria...
or smashing pumpkins...
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I'll say.
They were originally going make Claudio a part of Mount Rushmore, but the material was not tough enough to sculpt his hair out of.

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"St. Anger" was done in Drop Z tuning, they were trying to "out heavy" Slipknot.
Pink Floyd. Not always my favorite, but most steadily at the highest rank.

Ziggy and the Spiders were DAMN good though.
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Favorite Classic Rock - Rush or AC/DC
Favorite 80's Band - Bon Jovi
Favorite 90's Band - RHCP
Favorite 00's Band - Foo Fighter
The Beatles...

Before Beatles there was nothing!
what the hell do u meen we r here in this world!!! we r proud of what we r!!!! so get used to it
ill kill u

how emo of you

ahahahahaha *dies of hillarity*

I need to lie down

Jesus that took me ages to do ::type
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AFI C.and.C and Pumpkins r ALL mediocre, except AFI they are just ****e

You ought to be punched in the TAINT.

p.s. not because of the A.F.I. bit that's true.
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imo the best are Van Halen, the actual lineup of Whitesnake but they were totally awesome with Sykes too and Led Zeppelin. Theyre all actually very talented so
It depends on the genre of Music

Classic Rock By far zepplin no contest
Country close between Cash and Dylan
Blues BB King
Jazz Im gonna say Coltrane
Metal Rock By far Metallica
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Quote by Jdwannabe
AFI C.and.C and Pumpkins r ALL mediocre, except AFI they are just ****e

Wrong! Smashing Pumpkins aren't anything special but AFI and Coheed & Cambria are awesome!
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