Im in a band (lead guitar (me), rythm guitar, drums, bass, piano) and the rythm guitarist just cant keep a steady rythm

If i ask him to play like F, D, G, C, chord progression, with a up stroke and downstroke on each chord, he cant do it in 4/4 time, he will switch to like 2/4 to 7/8 to whatever

do i tell him to lave or are there things i can do to get him better at rythm

he is my friend and i dont want to just kick him out

what should i do?????
If he can't keep up with what the band is doing, he is just holding you back. If you and the rest of the band are ok with that, then keep him and work with him to make him better. Have him practice to a metronome. If you and the rest of the band mates want to move on, you need to find another guy.
sometimes a guitarist just gets stuck in a rhythm and the best way out is practise, against a metronome or play with a song in 4/4, 3/4, etc....if not see if he could shake a tambourine, maybe maracas?
Just Work with him as myvaliantleap said.
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if he doesnt get bettter give him the boot
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Get some rhythm counting flash cards.

Have him sit there and be like "1 2 and-a 3 e-a 4 and"

if the rest of the band is ready to gig then youll probably have to find another rhythm guitarist. they are not that hard to find. beleive me!
Get him to count the time for himself, have him literally say 1,2,3,4 or 1and2and3and4and etc.
If he's a ryhtym guitarist who can't keep ryhtym... well i'd suggest you find a new ryhtym guitarist or are patient enouhg to deal with him tillhe comes good enough.

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Buy him a metronome
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