What are some songs I could learn (kind of beginner) for Mexican kind of acoustics? I hope you know what I mean, Gracias in Advance!
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take a look at some of the more basic songs by The Gypsy Kings, they're pretty cool and have a wide range of songs which are both tricky and good for beginning, helps introduce you to various tunings and techniques.
there are alot of mexican style songs i will put some

genre: mariachi
songs: el rey, si nos dejan, el jinete by jose alfredo jimenez

genre: trova yucateca
song: besame mucho by los panchos

genre: huapango
dont know any songs but you can try someting like" Hechizeros"
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Check out the Mana: Unplugged album. Awesome album, awesome band. If you can figure out some of the songs on there, you'll be doing well.
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un generally you would say spanish, not mexican, lol, a good genre to work towards would be flamenco
dick dales version of "Mexico"
if you want the acoustic one look up "mexico/esperanza" from his Spacial Disorientation album, its 2 songs in one and both are bad ass pieces. real spanish
Cabron by RHCP
Mexico by Incubus