I find I can play much better when I look at my picking hand. Is it a good habit to get into?
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i look down and to the right, at the floor...
i don't think it matters where you look!
same i play better when looking at my picking hand. no idea why though and i hope its not a bad habit..
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not if you want to put on a good performance in a band, or even have eye contact/communication with other players. it's fine if you look down at your guitar, but you should be able to look up and keep playing when you need to.

Of course, practicing what you play will help you get used to it and not need to look.
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im great at sweeping but horrible at pinch harmonics

i look at my fret hand or whatever is around when I don't need to look, but mostly my fret hand
When i'm playing in front of pepole i always look what am i playing, maybe cause i don't want to screw it up. But when i practice, i just look my picking hand when there's a tough passage.
yeah the girlies w/ the nice knockers, i've tried to get to the point where i don't need to look at my hands, in fact when i practice i try to practice while staring at the wall so i get used to playing without having to watch for that specific purpose.
Great question. I've noticed (after months of staring at my fretting hand) that my real problems are with my picking hand.

I'm not sure why this is, but after practicing something long enough, my fretting hand memorizes things pretty well while my picking hand remains uneasy. I am trying to focus more on my picking hand. I would recommend the same to anyone who says they focus on their fretting hand. I've spent a ton of time studying my fretting hand but always overlooked my picking hand. I never realized the downfalls to my picking hand until recently. Even after realizing this, I still have a hard time looking at my picking hand but play better when I put focus on this.

If anyone has insight as to why this is, I'd love to hear it.
Depends on the difficulty of the song. if its tough, i look at one of my hands. if im just playing, i space out down and to the left.
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I look at the guitar, bandmates, audience... I don't really stick to one thing. I try to avoid looking at the guitar too much, because it gets self-absorbing and you sometimes start ignoring your bandmates and the crowd.
i usually look at my left hand make sure it's doing it all right

unless it's a gig then i look at the crowd and go crazy
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generally either at something/somebody in the audience or if i'm a little intoxicated i tend to go with the eyes closed and staring up and to the left thing
When im making string jumps and fret jumps like from 2 - 9 i always look because i dont wanna stuff it up i practice jumping frm like 2 - 10 without looking for practice
When I play(which is most of the time in front of a computer), I usually just stare at the computer screen but if its something quite difficult I'll look down on the fretboard.
I look at my frettting hand and up, I don't know why its jsut a thing I do ecspecially when I solo.
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You should be able to play with your eyes closed. It makes it easier if you have to sing and you can also look at your audience/stare at hot blondes.

I do this.... that is, play with my eyes closed, especially if I'm doing any classical/solo stuff where I'm the only one on stage. It helps me forget about the audience, and really zone in on the music instead of the trying to play.

Oddly enough I conduct with my eyes closed also, people think it's kind of strange when I point to them with my eyes, especially when queing in a section.

Neither is true for practice. I'll generally be looking at my fretting hand, the paper in front of me, a wall, or the person standing there watching/listening... in the case of conducting I'm making strange faces or doing something else stupid to try and distract the orchestra.

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Picking is harder to master than fretting.

That I disagree with. If that's true, you're not challenging yourself completely.
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I look around, at whatevers going on, if its a song I know and I'm not improvising I'll look around the room, or even at the TV alot.

And of course I'll glance at the fretboard every now and then when I'm playing so I don't screw up.

I can play with my eyes closed/with the lights off, it really helps get you into the music if its a melodic piece.
if you practice well, closing your eyes shouldn't comprimise the quality of your technique. if you want to work on your picking technique, it's easier to focus on it if you're looking at it, and the same goes for your fretting hand.

At gigs I really only look at my fretting hand when there's position shifts or something hard.
When I play it depends what I look at. If I'm learning a song, playing a real technical or difficult fast part, I'll usually look at the fretting hand.

But when Im improving or just jamming out Ill look around the room, at the floor, pretty much anywhere but the guitar.

But to answer the kids question...it doesnt really matter where you look. Its not exactly a BAD habit.

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yer when im learning something i focus on my freting hand but if im not i look around or on the T.V
If It's a new song, I'll look at my fretting hand. If it's a new song, with lots of string skipping I'll switch back and forth, inbetween looking at my fretting hand and picking hand. If it's an old song I know well, I don't really look at anything in particular. If it's a song I know well with string skipping, I'll look at my picking hand.
i close my eyes sometimes

yes it helps

and i look at my fret hand if there no closed,

or at the microphone

or just straight in front of me

but usually my eyes are closed
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i look down and to the right, at the floor...
i don't think it matters where you look!

Indeed it doesn't, looking just gives you a bit more confidence in your playing and you'll be more likely to hit them good instead if your nervous. I don't look at my guitar, I just look around at what else is in the room
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For most of the time, Im day dreaming, so im not really looking anywhere.
Other times i close my eyes while i play
and other than that, its usually at my fretting hand.
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When I play(which is most of the time in front of a computer), I usually just stare at the computer screen but if its something quite difficult I'll look down on the fretboard.

same here, i play in front of the computer, but i tend to look at my hands though lately ive been trying to stop
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At gigs i look around anywhere and look at my fretting hand for hard changes. At home when i practice i am the same really. Lately i've been scales with my eyes closed for precision, and also lately i have been playing in front of the mirror so i can see my hands but am learning to look straight ahead..