I'm starting a band with 5 people (lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums, vocals), and I have a slight problem. I know these two kids (one plays drums, the other guitar) and they're not bad, also my brother is learning bass and he learns really fast. The problem is, they are all in middle school. I live in a city where hardly anyone has any musical talent at all, and if they do, it's usually with a classical instrument like violin. These kids are pretty good for their age, and I've known them for awhile. I'm 16, and I think my girlfriend will sing in my band if I make one. I was wondering if I should stick with these "little kids", or try to find different people? I'm pretty sure I'll stick with my brother on bass, cuz he's getting good, and it's pretty convenient that way. your thoughts?
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ooooh girlfriend on vocals, i don't know if its the best idea cuz whether you want to admit it or not you'll prolly end up breaking up with her eventually and it won't work out..... as for the "little kids" dude i've seen 10 yr olds that totally own ME!!! and i've been playing for 10 years, so i definately would say don't immediately dismiss them cuz they're younger than you.
That may be nice having brothers in the band. When something's not good, you just say it. If they've got talent, enjoy it. If not, leave them alone
Don't make a big deal about age. The importent thing is that they can play the instrument that they are supposed to be playing.

Keep the 'kids' unless you think you need some one with a little more skill.
im 18, and my band consists of two 16 year olds and two 14 year olds.

they're great

ignore age and go for musical ability

they did as they didnt want me as they thought i was too old for them lol, then they heard me and loved me.
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my brother plays drums in my band and he's just 11. i don't think it would matter unless your alot better
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oh yeah, i would go with the younger kids, cause they are keep going to get better alot faster sooner, as aposed to older people that tend to peak out and not learn as much later...
some younger musicians lack the discipline, attention span or maturity needed to really commit to a band (even highschoolers). if this is not a problem though, go for it--you can't underappreciate competent musicians. you know what i mean if you've ever played with bad musicians
yeah, girlfriend in band. BAD IDEA!

i would say that as long as the the kids got the talent, then let them play. Although there is the fact that they will need rides to practices and they might not be able to play some gigs due to age, time, etc. if they are they only thing you got then go for it. what have you got to lose?
girlfriend + band = baaaad. that said, age difference never hurt anyone, i would mostly worry about their maturity and skill level as compared to yours.

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i had alot of bad responses about my age... trying to play in musical productions.. etc..
and they ended up taking someone older. even though im much better than him..
many time i didnt even get to audition
age difference doesnt matter at all... just listen... dont look
and about the girfriend... bad idea.
Go with the young ones, but DON'T let your girlfriend sing, at 16 a breakup is inevitable and that could destroy your band.

Also think about who you would have more fun with becuase thats pretty much what it comes down to
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alright, thanks guys, but one thing on the girlfriend. Yeah I know we probably won't stay together, but... so what? If we break up and we're "still friends," then she can stay in the band. If we hate each other's guts, then she's out... am I missing something there?
i wouldnt let your girlfriend join man..if you guys break up your gonna lose a singer... but if you guys can seperate your business life and intimate life then go for it

personally i think girls cause too much drama for bands
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Ah, who cares if his girlfriend joins? I've maintained decent relationships with most of my ex's. Even if they do break up and she hates him, whatever singers are easy to find, every girl wants to be in a band.
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As for the girl, in my opinion guy voices (in rock) totally own girl voices. Try finding a dude to sing. Not only that, but like everyone said, a breakup will happen and you guys won't keep being friends. If it does, you're a first.
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Angus Young was 14 when ACDC started getting attention

no he wasnt, they just said he was as a gimmic

girls in abdns do work, but not gfs. interband relationships r never a good idea. ever.
I've had a lot of trouble with younger people in bands lately. See, in my band, our drummer's 14 and our bassist's 16 (the same age as me, but I'll come onto that). We recently got signed to an indie label just by them hearing our cruddy demo on myspace, and now we're due to record an album and do some touring. However, our drummer and bassist have had a very sheltered upbringing and have very overprotective parents. To be entirely honest, I'm not too sure they even want their kids in a band with me! So when I told them that we'd be doing tours and stuff, they just said 'I think not, if you think I'm letting my son (daughter in the case of the bassist) spend weeks away from home you're joking. And they've refused to let them sign the contract because they don't want to 'sell their children on to some record label'. So I asked them, if you don't want your kids playing gigs, releasing records and getting recognised for their talents, why did they pay so much to have lessons? (I'm entirely self-taught at guitar and vocals, on the other hand). I've talked to the record label, and I'm taking the 'back door' approach... secretly doing a band with a friend of mine on bass and looking for a drummer. They've said that as long as we're playing the songs I wrote they'll sign us.

In all fairness, go for younger members if you want, but I'd check what their parents are like at first. I'm sick of getting told off by my DRUMMER'S parents for cussing or blaspheming in songs.

And on the girlfriend issue, don't do it. 2 years ago I was in a band with my ex, and to put it lightly... she was a bit of a nutcase. She'd had a bit of a harsh time, and despite my efforts to comfort her, she decided to O.D the night before we were due to record... so we decided that missing the recording was her own fault and we recorded without her, with me on vocals. Needless to say, she was pissed off. So as soon as she was out of hospital, she quit the band, and I was dumped. We limped on with a second guitarist filling in the gaps, but that lineup only lasted a few months.

If the band splits, you'll split, and vice-versa. It's not worth it.
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alright, thanks guys, but one thing on the girlfriend. Yeah I know we probably won't stay together, but... so what? If we break up and we're "still friends," then she can stay in the band. If we hate each other's guts, then she's out... am I missing something there?

Ah my good man. Anythin' can happen with women. It may end up crashin' round your ears. Then you're ****ed. my gf says hi lol
okay, the main reason I was thinkin about my gf for the singer is cuz she has a great voice, and also it's just really convenient that way. I don't have to go looking for a singer, cuz she's right there. Besides, if/when we break up, I can find a new singer, it will just be a little more trouble... am I still missing something here?

also, I don't mind female lead singers in the first place. If I got someone else to sing, I wouldn't mind if it was a guy or a girl.
the good thing is that if theyre still young, which means they're just gonna keep getting better and better until they kick butt.