i found this site and it saids that you can raise the tailpiece on a les paul to give the strings a slinkier feel. I have a tokai love rock but i can seem to raise the tailpiece by turning the two large screw at each side of the tailpiece, so i was just wondering if this is possible on the love rock or if its just a feature found on actual gibsons.


btw this is the site http://www.gibson.com/pure/exchange/gibsonretailguide.pdf
If it's the same tailpiece, why wouldn't it work?
Doing that will lessen your sustain a bit due to less pressure on the bridge. If you want less string tension, string the tailpiece backwards - start with the ball end on the side closest to the headstock, then wrap the string over the tailpiece and onto the bridge.
okay well i put more effort into turning the screw this time and it started to turn so i feel like an idiot now thanks anyways though ill try the reverse stringing technique next time i have to change the strings.