Alright, last time...pretty much the only decent feedback I got was Fender Fat Strat. The question was, what is a good guitar to play punk..real punk (the casualties, Dead Kennedys, lower class brats, etc, etc...)..nothing less. My spending range is $300-$500 I'd also like to get an amp and a distortion pedal, but the guitar is my main concern. Can someone please give me some positive feedback? None of that: "You can use anything to play punk" or "Get one from Walmart, those work best on punk" and nonsense like that....I'd like ACTUAL POSITIVE FEEDBACK. I hope that's not too much to ask from you guys. Thanks.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (which I have, doesn't let you down)
and ESP if you like em
or an Inbanez like the S470 is nice.

Any of those are very versatile guitars, I am sure you will be able to get the punk out of them. With those guitars, the only way to get a more punk sound is with amps and effects.
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I kind of second the fat strat, maybe one of those telecasters with humbuckers in them.
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I'd go with a Epiphone SG G-400 its like $400. I don't understand why it matters what guitar you use to play it though. Of course you'll want better sound but I'd just make sure I had a decent amp to. You can't just plug in a guitar and have instant "Punk" sound or anything like that.
Amp is more important too IMO.

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ok ur going to want to look at the fat strat Because it has a humbucker and single coils.
the epis mentioned above arent as versatile because they dont have single coils.

like said, more importantly what amp are u using?
because u can pick up a yamaha pacifica 112J fat strat, alder wood guitar for $200USD.

and with the other couple hundred u can pick up a vox or cube 30 moddeling amp With effects.

its best to have a well rounded rig. and most tone comes from ur amp.

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When I think about it the "Punk" scene wouldn't notice how good ur amp sounds and how bad it could sound. They're not that smart into listening to the tones and everything they're more about fast pace rock.
yer i reckon an epiphone les paul or an sg maybe??
but yeah if u want punk tone for the price, i suggest getting a cheap enough solid state amp and get a mad distortion pedal like a digitech or boss or a line 6 pod or somthing like that
hope it helps aye