Punks! I'm in need of some help. I'd like to get a new guitar, one suited for punk, and I've tried to find help in the "Guitar Gear" or whatever it is forum, but it's filled with a bunch of metalhead kids who think we're not good enough. Go check out the thread I posted in that section, I posted two...so go for it and see if you guys can help me.
Cheers from Colorado!
most of the punk bands I see play use Les Pauls of some sort. And you're not cool.
First of all, you posted it in the wrong thread. There is an entire thread dedicated to purchasing guitars. I think its called the ELECTRIC GUITAR THREAD. And if your the same guy that posted in the GG&A, I still stand with my decision of a Fender Fat Strat.
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And you're not cool.

hmm....that's nice.

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What kind of punk do you need this guitar for?

For a lower class brats sound mostly...something charged sounding if ya know what I mean.
about $700 in total...for the guitar and amp.

Edit: Squier® Standard Double Fat Strat Electric Guitar or Fender Fat Strat....which one so far?
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I suggest you head on down to your local guitar store and see what they've got.

You don't need to spend too much, punk isn't exactly about stunning tone, and you'll have more to spend on an amp. The amp is actually more important. Unfortunately, I know zilch about amps.

Good luck, and sorry I couldn't be more helpful