Is the epiphone les paul ultra worth buying?
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I have a Epi LP custom, a slightly cheaper model and i love it. the ultra is even better quality from what ive heard... what kind of music do you play?
the ultra wont be able to handle metal, or high gain music, because it is a hollowbody and it will feedback like crazy...

but for blues, jazz, classic rock, rock, and low gain and clean stuff, its really an amazing guitar
For cleans and low gain stuff it should be great-for anything else it will feedback horribly.

If you play heavier stuff look at the Epi LP Standard Plain Top. It's basically the same, just a solid body instead of semi-hollow.
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actually the ultra is a really nice guitar for the money.

not a hollowbody, but a chambered body. not typical epi LP mahogany sound. brighter, which can be a good thing, depending on ur preference. (not stated.)

in addition, the weight loss is great if ur prone to back/shoulder problems.

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I LOVE MY ULTRA!!! get it man i dont regret it at all!!!!!! seriously i love medal and **** but i got a custom for that . . . so i got a ultra and it hands crunching classic rock like no other!!!
i know a guy on the Epi forum who uses it as his main guitar and he plays metal, and says it handles it well. hsi user name is tedvanfrehly. look him up there and ask him yourself.
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the standard plain top will definitely be better, it wont get true LP tone and i dont see how people find them heavy (weight), dont be a pussy get a real LP

ever thought of getting a new amp as most of your tone will come form your amp, though you have a starter guitar
i play any kind of rock like led zeppelin, motley crue, ac/dc, black sabbath and stuff like that
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I've played a couple of Ultras, and while they've sounded a little *weird* - they played pretty well.

You could also check out the Agile guitars at www.rondomusic.net. Just giving you more options
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