I've had mine now for about 3 months, and I it's absolutly great. Really flexible when it comes to genres. If you're playing metal, blues, jazz, classic rock or punk you can dial in a good tone very easily as long as you have a basic understanding of how tone works. Also for 30 watts its really really loud. I don't think you could get a better practice amp then this one when it gets right down to sound quality, effects quality and flexibility.
Basically, it sounded like **** for anything but cleans, which were still just only slightly above average. Maybe it was defective or somthing, but it sure as hell sounds a lot like the one in that clip thread.
great. i love it.
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excellent amp
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I just bought one used to use as a smaller amp because my other two amps are way too loud for personal practice in my room (one is a 100 watt combo, and the other is a 100 watt head with 4x12 cab). I got it for $150 which is a really good price for this decent amp. The built in effects are fun if you're a beginner although I don't use them often as I have a pedal board and a V-Amp. It has a headphone jack for even quietter practice. The equalizer is not as sensative as my other amps but for the price, it's good enough. I enjoy both the cleans and the distorions and overdrives on it. My favorite feature without a doubt is that there is a wattage control located in the back so you can dial the power anywhere from 1 to 30 watts, all while maintaining the same tone.
Great amp for cleans and crunch. If you want to use it for really high gain, then get a pedal.
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