I found a faded cherry gibson Les Paul special at a specialty shop for $650. I've checked online, they're usually $740 and up. Is it worth it, or do Specials suck?
slightly used, 2001. Still in perfect condition though, barely looks played.

And for the record, I use a Roland cube 30.
Compared to the higher end Les Pauls, or even high end Epiphones, the specials suck. The overall quality is not nearly as good as it should be. The finish is lame, and the neck is really slow. The pickups are slightly better than stock Epiphone, but its not worth the $300 price jump. Play a lot of guitars if you can and find the one you feel is right for you.
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Can you suggest a good, low end/mid-range les paul, either epiphone or gibson?

EDIT: I just went to look at it again, it turns out it had it's tuners replaced with $100, which he isn't charging for.
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The Epiphone Elitist are as good as lower midrange Gibsons and cost far less, I suggest you look into them.
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Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson. This is the primary reason for the cost differential. Gibson is set up to produce and sell high end, high quality guitars. Epiphone is set up to produce mid-level, high quality guitars. Both companies sell lesser quality models such as the Les Paul Special, as a way to increase market share.