That was really good. The vocals could use some tweaking, but not much. Good work.
Yeah, it was good. Layne Staley is hard as fuck to sing, and you did a good job. The 'hoooowooo' bits could be better.

Also, on a guitar note, why didn't you put in the little lead licks or a solo? They're easy and add a lot to the song. Your rhythm playing as fine, you could maybe have spiced little bits up buts it's got no problems as it is.
hey guys thanks for the comments!! i agree about the 'hooowooo' parts, especially the first one, i sang it off key a few times. haven't learned the solo yet, so i will re-record it once i do. it's not terribly hard. thanks again for listening, rock on
ok this is one of my favorite bands so i was really excited when i saw this thread.

so rhythm guitar is played well and the tone is pretty good... no problems there

the vocals really aren't bad either and layne is a hard guy to follow! the only major problems with the vocals are the "hooooooooo oooooooooooo" parts as somebody else already said. the vocals overall could use a little perfection through practice, but they are definitely decent as is.

the main thing this cover needs is the solo licks played over it. when i was listening to it i kept expecting to hear them come in and they never did. they really are easy and i'm sure you could learn them in about 15 minutes. if you ever wanna collaborate on some AiC stuff shoot me a message. i love 'em! crit for crit?