what are some tips to learning the fretboard better?
I just did it by flat out memorizing it. Remember that there is only a half step-one fret- between and [E and F].
Through experience and years of playing.
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Learning standard notation is helping me. I am going back and taking lessons to learn standard notation and so, when your playing and your like "dang, I need a B," you have to think it through on where the B's are etc. That way, your almost killing two birds with one stone. In other words, it's a way to learn the fretboard without having to just sit down and memorize it.
writing it out. thats what my teacher told me to do. I wrote it out everyday for a week and i learned it pretty easily. also i just think about it in my head when im not doing anything
try first-reading chord lines...
so you'll have to find the root all the time
eventually it'll be printed in your mind

this should help you out. (if you want to learn where each note on the fretboard lies)
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Through experience and years of playing.

I completely dissagree i've memorized the entire fretboard and i've been playing for one year and a couple months
^quickly, 16th fret g string! 9th fret A string!
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