Jackson stopped using these sometime in the 90s but I believe they are made by Schaller as it looks identical to an earlier Floyd Rose2 which Fender used also. The oval recess where it says Jackson gets Floys RoseII, Fender, and Schaller stamped here also. Its a nice thick baseplate unlike the present JT580 (which looks identical to cheap LTD trems).

you can see here this earlier 80s Charvel has the original Schaller before they started stamping Jackson in the nameplate oval.

This is the earliest Charvel/Jackson trem, notice no fine tuners sticking up they are the knurled knobs pointing down towards the bottom of the guitar, the allen bolt that lock the strings are inside the tubes that spin to fine tune. Also notice the squares that cover the grooved part of the saddles for comfort. These work well, are thick hardened steel base plates like the above Schaller units. Not sure if they were made by Jackson or Schaller. They came on US Charvels and Jacksons after the San Dimas move but before the move to Japan, Ft. Worth models I believe which later switched to the above Schaller/ Schaller w/ Jackson logo units. Some US models also came with Floyd Rose.

Its sad to see Jackson and LTD using these new stamped steel cheap trems but still charging top dollar.
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How is the trem on a DKMG? Is it bad?
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i recently got to try out a jackson with a two point trem seems alright goes out of tuning with abuse