anyone wanna suggest a good warm vintage sounding amp...no preference whether its a combo or a stack or anything but i just dont know where to start...
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More detail? What sort of music do you want to play?
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damn i was gonna suggest a Fender! Fender's are great for vintage tones. IF you got a bit money lying around a Vox AC-30 combo, or any Vox amp would do you well. Or if you are game, a Marshall JCM800, tun the gain down, gives a nice crunchy AC-DC sort of tone or a JMP-1 if you got money
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Another vote on the Fender Bassman, or a Twin, or a Marshall Bluesbreaker or Super Lead, or a Vox AC30.
There's lots to recommend.

Price range? Sounds you want?
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If you want a warm vintage sound on a budget, try a peavey classic 30... I tried one today and was very impressed.
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i have a classic 30 and its great, if you have more id say a fender 65 twin reverb reissue...bassman reissues are good but ive played tons and theres some reliability issues with em
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Pignose GV40 or GV60. Its a fender bassman clone with a pre/post gain control.. GREAT little amps.

I suggest this once again. This is a fender bassman clone (designed by the same man) with more gain and a master volume.... GREAT amplifiers! Fan-****ing-tastic and CHEAP too. Under $300-$400 for a 40 or 60w tube combo! The only thing left to be desired would be a speaker, but that can always be upgraded later.