Tailing End of the Front - just written... Nothing long, but I think it speaks volume.

We don't need these lights anymore
our adulation can make this path bright enough
For the catastrophe kids on the sidewalk,
we'll sing for them as we dream-
As we dream the reality of this delusion.

Daydreaming fights the mind
Because we try to see each other
In a calming set that we can't find
And a bird on the wire peeks down;
speaks out
It says we're the few that should
be on this Avenue:

Take it a little further,
you have all the right guidances.
Unless you plan to reconsider
We have it all in front of us
Progress the situation
and don't take that bus,
Don't escape the reality of this delusion.
AIM - JanesAdd1cti0n

The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.