This isn't the regular (whats your favorite tuning).

I usually play in Standard or C.

I have two guitars, a JH-600 LTD and a Jackson JS30RR. When i bought the LTD they gave me a free setup, where the guys gonna set the intonation and stuff, and set it to a certain tuning. I'm getting a new neck pickup for the jackson.

Basically, should I leave my LTD in standard, or move it down to C.

And also, I don't have alot of experience with this. If he sets the intonation and I decide to switch tuning, thatll bugger it up rite?
well, in standard teh strings are tighter and don't have as large of a motion whne they vibrate as your C tuned guitars have. Tuning it down to C might give you a little fret buzz. U might want to raise teh action up just a tad, no big deal.
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well...if you change tunings or string size..it will mess the intunation...but its not a horrble thing...like if your recording or playing a show with a butt load of people than youll fix it...but during p[ractices i never intunate my guitar for little things

i play in standard C with my band...most of the time standard E at home
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Open D5 all the way baby! Great tuning. Some might consider it overkill though.
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