Okay, so I have my Strat copy which I have modded quite a bit in the past. I got it down to a way I like but the the paint chipped. So my question is this, I have the money to do one of 2 things. Should I a, build a new guitar from scratch or b, just mod the sh*t out of my Strat that I have now?

The strat I have now has 2 singles and one Hot Rails in the bridge. A vintage 6 point trem and a bolt on 21 fret neck. It has the swimming pool route for the pickup cavity.

What Im thinking about doing is making it a complete solid body. Putting in a LP style bridge and run the strings thru the body. Relocating the input jack to the bottom of the guitar off the face of it. doing away with the pickguard and moving the electronics cavity to the back like LPs. Putting in 2 humbuckers and a single. And bolting on a 24 fret neck.

What do yall think I should do. I am really leaning to more of modding my guitar but I dont know. Any suggestions on humbuckers would be great, so keep that in mind. But also what ever I do I will post the build up in this forum.

So thanks in advance for yalls help.
For a TOM style bridge, the neck angle will need to be adjusted. You may be able to scrape through without it though.
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I would say mod it, as long as the wood isn't crappy.
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Personally, I'd say build your own. I built a custom les paul style guitar for my senior project this year(lord have mercy it looks and sounds beautiful). Seeing as how much you want to adjust it, thats another reason why I'd suggest spending money to build something that speaks about who you are, kinda like how my lp does for me.
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How much will it need to be adjusted? and why, just so I understand fully.

The amount of angle need it depentant on a few factors on the guitar. Here is a neck angle calculator.

You could get around the angling issue by recessing the bridge into the body.
The reasin for the angle is that tom's are taller than strat style bridge, if there was no angle the action would be very high.
So If I set the TOM bridge down into the body some I wont have to reset the neck angle?

Would it work if I just routed about 1/4 inch into the body then set it in?
I think it would have to be a little more than a quarter inch, my friend and I just modded his strat to have a TOM, and we just changed the neck angle. I can't say for sure how much, but some basic trig could probably tell you if you used the "angle calculator" and just used trig to find out the "height" of the triangle formed...