Hey what the hell, i gave it a shot! Sure it doesnt have all the instruments included but this was really awesome to do, now that my exams are over i have about a week of messing around to get to i've only just started to record my vocals and im trying to get my confidence up!

here is the link: http://darren89.dmusic.com
I really liked it. As you said you could sound a lot better wit just a little more confidence in your voice. The vocals could be a little louder and the piano maybe a little louder (not so sure about that) And damn your lucky to be finished exams, mine are all this week.

Edit: I noticed your sound starts to get really fuzz and breaks up a bit near the end. Nothing serious.
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Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my mistake kind of zoned out while listening to that and was so used to hearing piano that i geuss I put it in myself. Opps
like somebody said before, this is better than the original version. this ispired me to do one of my own some time. later though, I have other things i want to reocord first. maybe in a few weeks you'll all see yet another scientist cover here XD
You have a good voice, maybe you'd be better in a real live situation where you might sing out more. And for playing and singing at the same time it was nicely done. Are you a little off time in some bits? I don't know the song that well so I can't be sure...

Crit mine? (No vocals, I'd embarass myself compared to some of the singing around here, including yourself)
Yes, the vocals are too low, and there's no reason that they should be overpowered by the guitar. Your voice is good, and I'm sure if you recorded vocals separately, they would sound even better. As mentioned, there are some timing/singing issues due to you playing and singing at the same time. Overall good job. You got some potential there!