Ive got 400.00 bucks for a new axe but I dont want to waste my money on a junk guitar help me out.
whats your music style? amp?do a musiciansfriend search and put in guitar and then narrow it from there with the buttons on the left of the screen that separates them by price range
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$400 isnt gonna buy you something wonderful. you should save up a couple hundred more and buy a nice epiphone or a lower level gibson
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well a while back i got a mexican strat for that much. its actually my favorite guitar. theyre not bad for 400 bucks.
I think I might get a schecter omen 6 thay seem to be good guitars and thay are f***** awsome what do ya think
Ibanez 350, amazing guitar.
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^^i have the omen 6. great guitar.
the carved top looks kickass, the shape is confortable when your playing sitting down, when your playing standing up, its heavy enough to play, but not too heavy like a LP or too light like a strat. neck plays good, and the stock pickups are decent. a little too bassey for my liking, though.