So I just wanted to know what does everyone think about the Pixies?

Alot of people dont know about them, but they're amazing
well said. pixies are godfathers are of most any alt. rock band nowadays. ****, even a kid named kurt cobain loved the pixies lol.

too bad more people dont know/appreciate their influence.
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ya there really good, i have the wave of mutalation cd, its all of thier best songs. its one of my favorite albums
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Actually the Wave of Mutalation Cd is missing alot

Listen to ALL Pixies, ive only found a few songs I didn't really like.
Oh yeah and Smells Like Teen Spirit was Kurt Cobains attempt at a Pixies song if that says anything........
pixies are incredible. seriously. i love em.
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, all drive me crazy.