I see alot of musicians with it. What would I use it for and when would I use it? I see Dunlop makes a nice one.
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I think you mean the MXR, which is made by Dunlop

Two ways of use really....

- Keep it on all the time, to mold your tone even more....get it right where you want it

- Turn it on for certain parts for different tones (scoop or high mids) or as a solo/gain boost
An EQ is used just to alter the sound of anything, by changing the volumes of different frequencies and stuff. You can get the 10 band EQ if you want, but if you don't know how to use it just stick with the EQ's you can use through your pedal/amp.
EQ's are more for mixing stuff like vocals and drums i think, so you dont really need a seperate one for practicing your guitar/bass that much.
i dont like my Boss EQ for my distortion but it makes cleans sparkle
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They're used to mould your sound even more, and can be used as boosts/overdrives too.
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