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Dream Chaser:

Thinking back through your past you see the sin
Stepping back to see the mirror as the lonesome kin
Sleeping in a home of loss and prayer
Living in your mind, lost to despair
Blow out another match, this day is through
Time has placed a grip on to you

The empty handed orphan unlocks his chest
Placing in it his dreams he lays to rest
All the children stare out the door
Trying to shelter the pain they endure
The harp sounds, the visions are all true
The grains of time have placed a halt on you

Growing older is the least of fears
It hides a sacred place to shed your tears
It?s a matter of time before you gain relief
Taking with you a sense of self belief
Just keep looking for your door
A passage to the palace of your core

The aging orphan checks his chest
Looking for a deposit to invest
Chasing dreams deep into the night
Lighting a fire and starting a new light
It's time to go off and explore,
Gather your hopes and dreams from the floor

67.5 and sunny is the perfect weather for a tragedy

Let this yellow be our cover
Blanket and shield us
From what ales you and I

Let this bring more then we could hope for
Take us back to the way it use be before this

We fell from our post
And left our stations behind
To fallow the uncharted
Down a path of different

Maybe this warmth will bring change
And show us what we were missing all this time
We can mend this gap of time
Leave it in the past

We fell from a great height
In to the depth of winter
The light that once held us up
Has dissipated

But we can gain back some of what we had
With this new start
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Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
lol 31 people ahve looked at this and 4 have voted? Come on people vote!!
Its how you look and how you feel
yeh sorry frd, didn't know we couldn't. Lesson learned though, and no harm done since you fixed it. Sorry
Its how you look and how you feel