I've been thinking about buying a capo for years now, but never have really needed one. Everyone seems to have one though, so I thought I'd actually consider buying one. My question is: are they really that useful? Those of you that have them, was it worth buying? Thanks.
Very useful. They can help alot with making it easier to sing with your guitar... for you or a vocalist. They also let you come up with some pretty cool stuff. There are plenty of songs that are originally played with a capo so if you want to play them the way they were originally played you need one. I would suggest getting one. I use them all the time and they are a really neat tool to use when writing.
yeah just get a cheep one with the plastic-ish bar with the elastic band if you're worried about it being worth it
i find them useful not only for recreating other songs but also just as a creative device.

for me, ill get so used to standard chords that to suddenly have a capo on it makes a seemingly completely new sound, very refreshing.
very handy for any slide playing
after tuning to open, you can just move it up and down to change key
Sounds good...thanks for the feedback. Now I'm kinda excited to get one...it's no longer a chore to buy one.