What are some good sad songs? I have ...

It's cool, we can still be friends - Bright Eyes
Cannonball - Damien Rice
The Drugs dont work - Ben Harper
Saying Sorry - Hawthorne Heights
The ocean breathes salty - Modest Mouse
The world at large - Modest Mouse
HURT BY johnny cash

tearjerker by RHCP bout Cobain

death of a martian by RHCP bout flea's dog dyin
Lacuna Coil -Falling.... just... wow

also Fade to Black-Metallica
depends how your feeling i suppose...certain songs sound a little more sad than others to some people. but in my opinion I think that The Last Song by Secondhand Serenade is good. Actually, most Secondhand Serenade songs are kind of depressing and sad...
"Black" by Pearl Jam is the absolute best sad song ever written. and thats a fact.