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16 40%
10 25%
Best band in the world!!!
7 18%
Liam is an asshole!
7 18%
Voters: 40.
hey this is my first one of these so i said id make it about the best band in the world! So who loves Oasis???????? Or Stone roses while stoned?????
yeah therye a decent band,

i prefer their old stuff hugely to the their newer stuff!
I like them, i've only really started listening to them as a band that i listen to, if you get what i mean. For example before i only listened to about two of there songs, now i listen to more songs that their most popular ones.
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Oh god. I love Oasis, lots of people love Oasis, lots of people make this exact same thread.

There's gotta be something new to say about Oasis other than how good or bad they are.
I hate Oasis.

And The Stone Roses are great without the help of marijuana.
What were you hoping to achieve with this thread?

And, nah, never really liked them as much as everyone else seems to.

Or at all, really.
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yeah, i like oasis sometimes. good band.
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Love? When's the last time they had a hit in the States? I liked them. But I haven't given them much thought in years.

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A decent band that, in my opinion, produced there best works 10 years ago.

I would like to have seen them in there prime.
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I do not like or love Oasis.

Thanks mate that was so f**king helpful

they are the greatest band since the beatles.
NOEL GALLAGHER is the reason i started playing guitar. Jesus mate their songs are fookin genius.
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^Well in a thread that seems to be solely about whether people like Oasis or not, him saying he doesn't isn't any less helpful than you saying you love them.

I like some of their songs, mostly older ones.
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I didn't vote because I don't think the options are all that great. I like some Oasis. I just hate the stuff that sound like direct Beatles ripoffs. Their singles are great, and some of their other stuff, but they're not one of those bands where I adore everything I hear.
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Decent band.

Punk died with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

k guys i play real metal like atreyu and stuff
they have written too many classics!!!

haha actually you cant write too many!!

but yeh they are brilliant one of my favorite bands

all around the woooorld!!
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Lyla is like in my top 20 fave songs of all time.

Its just so ..samey
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