I was wondering what is better. Everytime i ask my store for tortex pcks he offers me gators only cuz it has that extra sheet of grain on it where it wont slip off your fingers!

Whats the difference to you guys? Personal prefrences or ......?

I like the tortex more since i think they more "wider" for my big hands to hold i dunno they work both well..... so next time i go i gonna buy alots of of tortex and gators at the same time.
Just an influence.
i use tortex personally. i like the feel and sound they make. never tried the gators. do you have to buy them in packages or can you buy single? if you can buy single just get a couple of each in different sizes to see which you like. if you dont like one its not like you spent tons of money
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to me gator picks are pointless, the grain coating comes off after like an hour's play or so, your best getting a tortex (reasonably thick) and cutting some gashes into it to help grip on to it........the rare time i dont actually have my Jazz III pick i will use a tortex 1.14
yeah the gators have almost a powder-y substance on them and its meant for absorbing sweat like when your performing. so idk it makes sense that it would wear off quickly,. they are good tho becus once the stuff wears of they are just like the tortex picks
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lol no they guitar picks. Why people spamming dunlop jazz picks where i always forget to try those out!!

Well anyways, i bought bunch of gators and the coating also wears off when u leave it out of a container or so. stupidness. I think they both equal except they have pros and cons. LIke the gators thicker ones 1.12 blues give off a fuller sound.

Are the green tortex that good?? Since i know metallica has bunch of htem hanging on their mic stands?
Just an influence.
Its all personal preferance really.

Tortex are better though
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i had some gators and that powder came right off
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ultex > tortex ! .... !
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Gator's aren't that great IMO. And no they aren't just tortex when the powder wears off. They actually feel slicker. I think the overall texture of the tortex is more grainy than the gator. I've played alot with both, and I have to say tortex has better grip.
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Tortex for the win!

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