Ok ive managed to find a left handed version of this guitar, so........ are they anygood? I know its a metal guitar but how does it perform on more softer sounds? Will it be able to produce any of them? Whats the guitar like overall?
Well, I believe that B.C. Rich guitars are a little underrated, my friend has a bronze Warlock and it sounded ok, it's just that they are mainly rock guitars and nothing else, yes there are better brands out there, like Gibson, and Ibanez for the heavy rock but go with what you like, a good guitar is a guitar for you, not for the majority.
I owned the next step up version of that guitar for a week about a year ago. I brought it home and began playing it, and while it felt good (action, neck width, finish, bridge, etc.), the sounds were dull and lifeless. From my experience, BC Riches are really hit or miss, so the best advice I can give you is to try it out extensively before you buy it, and make sure you're not buying it just for the "metal" look of it. Besides, that low of a BC Rich is probably junk. The only BC Rich I'd ever recommend is either a "Classic" model or twenty years old.
bc rich are all looks and no sound imo. (unless we're speaking higher range which platinum certainly is not)
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They're not to great on the clean/softer sound. Their choice of pick-ups greatly limits you in terms of versatility.
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