Ok so me and a couple of guys have got together to start up a band
But nothing is organised..welll

We have a practice session on tuesday

But were not sure what we can do
Were not gonna come up with stuffby tuesday

What would you recommend we do?
This would be to decide whether or not we can work together and get a cool sound from it

Our genre is to be something heavy, but a clean chunky sound to go with it, with strong vocals.
The singers gonna be there, and he cant exactly make up lyrics, like i would be able to make up guitar riffs, its slightly different.
So what do we do for now?
It's Chico Time
Jam on stuff you already know.. cover songs. I thought all new bands started this way?

Find a common ground. See what you have in common.

Then, when you've found that common ground, you can work on that.
Would make life easier tbh